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The Replace add to cart module allows store owners to replace the add to cart button and rename it. The extension allows you to select the name When the button is clicked instead of adding to cart the customers will be redirected to the product page. The product page is where you want your customers to end up. It holds all of the product information and options if set. The extension works on most custom themes.

Features include:

✔ Replaces Add To Cart button.

✔ Forces Customers to the Product page where there is more information.

✔ Covers all Add to Cart Buttons on Opencart default theme on all pages except the Product page.

✔ You can name the button anything you wish to name it. Examples: More Info, View Product, Buy Now, ect..

✔ Super Easy Install

✔ Works with most themes and maintains sites css styling

✔ FREE BASIC INSTALLATION (within 5 days from the date of purchase)



Be sure to ALWAYS backup your database and store files before installing ANY extension.

1) Go to Extension>Installer. Upload the .ocmod zip file then press the refresh button on the Modifications page.


  • Go to Extension/Modules Find the Extensions name and click install.
  • After installation click edit to adjust extension settings.
  • After making extension settings be sure to go to Extensions/Modifications and click refresh.
  • If you are using any type caching software or increase speed software. Be sure to refresh the cache after extension installation.


N/A or Self Explanatory.

If you have any questions about the installation process or how to use the extension please contact us.

Replace Add to Cart

  • Developed By: YYZDEV.COM
  • Product Code: replace_addto_cart
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $20.00

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