How To Translate Language Files

How to translate an extensions language files for your multi-language store:


1. Check if our extension has language files. If there is perform the following. Otherwise skip to #2 below.
a) Copy the files from the english folder to your new language folder.

eg: Copy files from catalog/language/english/EXTENSION NAME to catalog/language/chinese/EXTENSION NAME)
b) Open and edit each file to translate.

$_['text_hello'] = 'Hello';
translates to

$_['text_hello'] = 'Hola';

2. If the extension does not have a language file, perform the following.
a) Open up the vqmod or ocmod xml file which is located in the vqmod/xml or within the .ocmod zip file/folder.
b) Find all the /language lines. Copy the language blocks accordingly, and translate the text


<file name="catalog/language/english/product/product.php"> ... </file>
and make multiple copies of the codes for each language you have, then translate accordingly. Be sure to add the error="skip" to the end of each of the additional file directories.
eg: <file name="catalog/language/english/product/product.php" error="skip">

<file name="catalog/language/english/product/product.php">
<file name="catalog/language/spanish/product/product.php">