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This extension allows a single purchase to pass thru as a non recurring product when a product is set as a recurring product on OpenCart Version 1.5.6x through 2.x By default on OpenCart when a product is set to recurring it will not allow the product to be purchased as a stand alone product. Now your customers can choose is the wish to buy it once or as a recurring payment product.

The extension also addresses a problem with PayPal Express payment gateway. When a product has too many options you will get an error. We resolved this issue with our extension by adding a substring to truncate the description to 126 characters which is maximum PayPal Express can handle for this field.

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Be sure to ALWAYS backup your database and store files before installing ANY extension.

1) Go to Extension>Installer. Upload the .ocmod zip file then press the refresh button on the Modifications page.


  • Go to Extension/Modules Find the Extensions name and click install.
  • After installation click edit to adjust extension settings.
  • After making extension settings be sure to go to Extensions/Modifications and click refresh.
  • If you are using any type caching software or increase speed software. Be sure to refresh the cache after extension installation.


After setting up a recurring profile when adding the profile to the product you will have the oportunity to allow the recurring product to also be sold as a regular product. OpenCart by default does not allow single sales when recurring profiles are set.

If you have any questions about the installation process or how to use the extension please contact us.

Recurring Profiles Allow Single Sale

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